The UK Government has committed to achieving Net Zero by 2050. The realisation of this goal falls in large part to local government. Most councils in the UK have declared a climate emergency and are already experiencing the disastrous impact of climate change. However, due to their constrained budgets, they often lack the resources necessary to making their Net Zero goals a reality.

“We are on the way to climate hell,” warned UN secretary-general António Guterres at COP27.  Despite all crises, councils must come together and pool their knowledge, build networks, and share best practice to preserve the hope of a sustainable future. We’re only Net Zero if we are all Net Zero. 

The voice of local government management since 1855, LGC’s position allows us to create a platform required to tackle an issue of this complexity. To demonstrate our commitment, in 2023, we will be evolving our previous Net Zero conference into a year-long cycle of events; expanding the previous virtual conference with two webinars and a face-to-face meetup, providing content throughout the year.

The LGC Net Zero Series 2023 is the premier gathering of local government professionals implementing sustainability. Join us to connect with your peers, discuss challenges you face, and observe valuable, successful case studies of Net Zero policy implementation.

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Why Attend

The voice of local government management since 1855, LGC engages with decision-makers across the sector, providing the best news, analysis, and opinion needed by professionals managing billions of spend. Our conferences are exclusive gatherings of top council officers; our events inform and influence the local government community.

Join us to learn valuable insight on the key challenges of implementing Net Zero, including:

  • Delivering the renewable energy transition
  • Implementing housing retrofit
  • Achieving “modal shift”
  • Building collaboration with fellow councils, other public services, and private sector
  • Maintaining clean procurement best practices
  • Raising cultural awareness and carbon literacy among colleagues and residents
  • Addressing the green skills gap

At LGC Net Zero 2023, you will have the opportunity to connect with your peers, showcase your organisation, network, and collect expert intelligence to help you achieve a sustainable transition.

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Webinar 1
Net Zero Goals and National Policy

23 February 2023

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Webinar 2
Climate change and the cost-of-living crisis

18 April 2023

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(Online) 2 x half days

14-15 June 2023

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(in person)

17 October 2023

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Countdown to Net Zero Goals and National Policy: Collaboration on the Ground