LGC Net Zero Webinar: Net Zero in a cost-of-living crisis

14 June 2023 Online | Free to Attend

Our second webinar of the 2023 series tackled the cost of living crisis: what impact is this having on councils' ability to meet their net zero goals, and will there be a negative knock-on from people needing to save money?  LGC’s editor Sarah Calkin and a panel of experts discussed the challenges on the horizon. This event was held on 14 June 2023 and is free to watch on-demand for new registrants to the series.

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Recent events have developed into a full-blown financial crisis that threatens the livelihood of every family in the UK. However, climate change and its consequences still hang in the balance, and the urgency of achieving Net Zero has only increased. With crisis comes the potential for change and the transition to net zero offers opportunities which could not only help ease current pressures on household finances but represent an opportunity to make the UK more resilient to future shocks.

Held on the 14 June 2023 our esteemed panel explored the role sustainability can play in weathering the cost-of-living crisis. Learn about immediate strategic actions local government can take and debate:

  • How can councils ensure actions to achieve net zero remain a priority?
  • Are there any quick wins?
  • What approaches can local government take to stimulate the green economy and enable growth?
  • How can councils keep the community on side?
  • How can net zero considerations be embedded in decision making?

Chaired by LGC editor, Sarah Calkin our panel of expert speakers included: 

  • Jamie Browne, senior business development manager, Energy Saving Trust
  • Steve Ford, corporate director transformation, innovation, digital and environment, Dorset Council
  • Robyn Smith, project manager, environment and low carbon, Greater Manchester CA
  • George Munson, senior project manager, climate, energy & green spaces, Leeds City Council